The Department of Biology consists of two areas; Molecular and Cellular Biology in which the mechanisms of a variety of biological phenomena including cell differentiation, gene regulation and signal transduction etc. are investigated at the molecular and cellular level; and Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology in which diversified plants and animals are studied at various hierarchical levels. In the former division, three specific fields, Developmental Biology, Cellular Biology, and Molecular Biology, are included. In the latter are Physiology, Ecology, and Phylogeny. In addition, the Marine Biology section is present in the Marine Ecosystem Research Center which is affiliated with the Faculty.
 After graduation from the undergraduate course, there is an opportunity to enroll in the graduate program to obtain a M.Sc. during a training period of 2 years and a D.Sc. (or Ph.D.) in an additional 3-4 years.

• Molecular and Cellular Biology
 ◦ Molecular Biology
 ◦ Molecular Physiology
 ◦ Cellular Biology
 ◦ Developmental Biology
• Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology
 ◦ Ecology
 ◦ Phylogen